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We’re back from the land of crazy burritos

Boloco • 71 Mount Auburn St • Cambridge, MA 02138 • (617) 354-5838‎

Our apologies to our readers who were left wondering what happened to us for the past two weeks. We took off for a roadtrip through the Northeast to visit friends, family, and fun places and the traveling took its toll on us. As we get back into shape with our blogging (and ourselves--turns out driving isn’t exactly a high-impact aerobic activity), we wanted to share at least one of our random discoveries along our trip.

As we wandered the streets of Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we passed by a restaurant with an unfamiliar name but an unmistakable appearance. See for yourself below. As we passed it, we both did a double take and in perfect unison turned to each other and said, “Was that...?” Without a word, we knew the answer was: Yes. A Currito by any other name smells just as...well, not necessarily sweet, but you get the idea.

Yet, strangely, the name on the door was BOLOCO Inspired Burritos. The font was the same; the menu was the same, the concept and decor were the same. So, what was up with the name?!

As the professional web-surfers we wish we were paid to be, we immediately pulled out my iPhone (yes, 3G, if you care) to check out The website was different than Currito’s, but still had the same feel. Nonetheless, there was no mention of “Currito” anywhere.

Well, when web-surfing doesn’t turn up the answer, there’s only one place to go: wikipedia. It turns out the concept of “inspired” burritos started in Boston with a place called The Wrap. The owners of The Wrap decided to rebrand the restaurant into the Boloco/Currito concept, but rather than try to take over the world, they decided to sell the franchise rights for the concept to new owners for restaurants outside of the Boston area. Those new restaurants with the new owners became Currito. In Boston, the same idea became Boloco--apparently “Boston Local Company” as opposed to Boston crazies.

So in the end, they’re basically the same thing by a different name. And of course, so long as it tastes we really care about the name? I think not.

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