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Aglamesis Brothers: Hard to Spell, Easy to Enjoy

Aglamesis Brothers3046 Madison Road • Cincinnati, OH 45209 • (513) 531-5196

His Take

I’ve been on the hunt for the best sorbet or ice I can find, and I think I found a new winner. We stopped into Aglamesis Brothers in Oakley Square one evening for a change of pace from our usual Graeters stalking. Despite being arch ice cream rivals, Aglamesis is nothing like Graeters in taste, decor, or service. When we stepped inside the ice cream store we immediately felt like someone had transported us back several decades into a quaint shop reflecting the original Aglamesis Brothers idea. The servers greeted us with a friendly smile and brought us menus filled with delicious dessert options. The focus seemed to be more on the experience than just the ice cream.

After browsing a surprisingly large menu, i settled on something called a Raspberry Crush, which is raspberry ice with crushed raspberries in their own syrup on top. And wow. I had never before tasted an ice or sorbet that was so indistinguishable from premium ice cream. The raspberry ice was delicious and the crushed raspberries were the perfect complement to an already terrific dish.

If you love ice cream, but are afraid to venture beyond Graeter’s (which we still love!), Aglamesis Brothers is definitely worth your time.

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Her Take

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, I love dessert, and especially good ice cream. I was pretty sure it wasn’t possible to improve on Graeter’s ice cream, but I have heard people rave about Aglamesis Bros., so I felt obligated to try it out. In addition to the time machine feeling of the inside of the ice cream parlor (definitely a parlor. Or maybe a shoppe…), I was most thrown by the instruction that if we were eating in, to have a seat and they would bring us menus. That was not the service I was expecting for ice cream, but it was nice! It does make it harder to look at the ice cream when choosing and to get samples, but that can be done at the counter if you’re willing to get up from your pink chair with a heart on the back.

The ice cream was, of course, very good. The chocolate was rich as it should be, but I think I have gotten used to Graeter’s. I love the enormous chunks of chocolate that Graeter’s calls chips (and I call mini candy bars), and Aglamesis just doesn’t measure up there. However, I can vouch that my date loved their sorbet, and was questioning for hours whether it was really sorbet, or actually cream. (The verdict: really sorbet. Just really, really good sorbet.) My first choice would still be Graeter’s. But I’m not one to turn down any good ice cream. Second best is still darn good, and I’ll be happy to go back and try more flavors!


Julie said...

Aglamesis has the best cinnamon ice cream (less sweet than Graeters, which is how I like it) and the best pineapple sorbet. I get it with pineapple topping. Yum. Glad you discovered it!

Michal said...

They also have amazing shakes and malts, if you're in the mood for 50s style thick ice cream-y goodness.

Anonymous said...

as a fourth generation aglamesis lover- i have to conceed graeter's has the best chocolate chips- but this is the better ice cream. and the fresh whipped cream! and the sorbets are awesome. especially with the fresh fruit chrushes. my son better enjoy sports and the outdoors like we do- or he will be a portly fifth generation!

Jeff W. said...

Haven't yet tried Aglamesis Brothers (I hope to in a few weeks), but if you want ice cream that blows Graeter's (or, indeed, anyone else's) out of the water, look no further than Columbus's own Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. I've yet to actually visit one of her stores in the Columbus area, but you can find pints of her heavenly ambrosia at the three Dorothy Lane Market locations around the Dayton area. It is truly to die for!