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What happens when a rabbi and a lawyer walk into a bar? We'll let you know in a few years, but until then we'll do our best to share with you our favorite (and not-so-favorite) Cincinnati restaurants and hope you'll share some with us, too!

Comfortable Neighborhood Pizza and Pasta at Betta’s Italian Oven

Betta's Italian Oven • 3764 Montgomery Road • Cincinnati, OH 45212 • (513) 631-6836

Her Take

Betta’s feels like your neighborhood Italian restaurant. Our big group of twenty-somethings did not feel out of place among the couples and families that filled in some of the other tables. In a casual atmosphere, the food is solidly good, but not particularly amazing.

Betta’s boasts a brick oven, and the pizza we shared as an appetizer was very good. It reminded me, yet again, that when a restaurant has a specialty (in this case, brick oven pizza), it may be wisest to order that specialty as your meal. I, of course, did not. I had eggplant parmesan. It was good, but again, not fabulous. It came with a generous side of spaghetti, much of which I took home. The portions are big, but not huge. Many of us faced the dilemma of deciding whether to try to finish our dish or take home less than a full meal of leftovers.

The highlight of the meal for me was dessert. The birthday girl wanted cheesecake, and I couldn’t let her eat dessert alone. We went up to look at the dessert case, and my decision was simple. I generally order whatever dessert has the highest concentration of chocolate, so the “chocolate spoon cake” looked to be right up my alley. We asked for extra forks so that my friends could help me with it. Apparently we should have taken a cue from the name of the dessert and asked for spoons. It was a gooey and delicious chocolate cake—the inside resembled pudding more than cake. We’re pretty sure it was fully cooked the way it was, although the consistency made us a little nervous at first. It was delicious, and for a little while, I regretted asking for extra forks that made me share. After I realized how rich it was, I regretted it a little less.

Betta’s certainly is not the best Italian I’ve had, but as a neighborhood place, it is good enough. I’m not sure I’d seek it out again, but I wouldn’t avoid it if my friends are going back, either.

His Take

It seems I'm being left out of some of these restaurant visits lately, which I can probably blame on a lack of time in-town. Consequently, I've never been to Betta's, but hopefully a certain person (see left) will take me there sometime, so I can do my own review :-)

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Anonymous said...

My fiance and I personaaly love the DeLucca family and their pizza. You can bring your own wine, order an appetizer of fresh mozzerella and olives,tomatos,crostini and relax. The pizza with the hot pepper sauce is the bomb! Plus, everytime we go we want to but the fantastic Vespa in the window!!!!